Now, You may read this and think “Oh here we go, he’s just trying to get us to spend all our
budget on him”…I promise you that is not my aim. I’m not trying to convince you to hire me for your wedding. If
you read this and understand the true value of an Indian Wedding Photographer and then hire someone
else. I will still be happy that I encouraged you to hire a professional to capture your wedding day.

So let me start by admitting that I didn’t hire a good photographer at my own wedding.

You may think as a wedding photographer that I will have some pretty amazing photographs of my own wedding day,right?

It breaks my heart to say it, but that is not the case.

My wife and I got married before I really found photography and before I decided I wanted to be a wedding
photographer myself.

We did have a fairly large wedding, . Unfortunately, no-one knew how to take a
picture the way I wanted them to. Sure, some were exposed properly and I’ve got my eyes open in a few, but they
are not images I’m proud to show off. They’re not images that take me back to the moment when I see them. They
have no ‘Wow’ factor. I wish now that I’d spent some money and hired someone who knew what they were doing. I’d
have spent that amount in a heartbeat if I knew what I know now.

I didn’t put enough value on my wedding photographs. I wish I had.

Indian Wedding Photographer

It goes without saying that weddings are a costly affair. From the venue to the caterer to the wedding favors, the
tab just keeps getting higher, and it often seems that wedding photographers are charging a large chunk of that
tab. But have you ever thought why wedding photography prices are so high? It’s because of the associated costs of
being a wedding photographer.
Being a good photographer is an expensive investment. Sure, you can find cheap wedding photographers out there,
but they’re cheap because they’ve possible cut corners on equipment, and insurance.So let’s take a look at what goes into a photographer’s overhead that adds up to the final cost of your wedding photography.

1. Labour costs:  This one is pretty standard across all industries. A photographer’s work doesn’t end when your
wedding does. After the 10-15 hours they’ve put in working at your wedding, the
photographer spends hours and hours editing your images so you get a wide array of perfect photographs by which to
remember your day. Its not uncommon to work a week or two editing a wedding. Their time is even more valuable
when you factor in the limited number of weekends in a year there are for a photographer to work.

2. Staff salaries: If you book a photographer that comes with assistants or second photographers, your cost is
going to be higher. In return for getting more images from various places on your day, your photographer is going
to have the pay those assistants.

3. Equipment: The pieces of equipment a photographer carries around is not your typical point-and-shoot. High-end
lenses and bodies average around 1.25 to 2 lakh each. Photographers also carry back-up equipment in case their primary
equipment fails, which adds to the cost of the wedding photography prices.Good wedding photographers easily can bring over 8-10 Lakhs worth of equipment to shoot
your wedding. Add in the prices of  high end computers and expensive editing programs like photoshop and lightroom and
costs begin to skyrocket.

4. Insurance: Because cameras and equipment cost so much, Good photographers are smart to insure them. Just in case
your drunk (who your mom insisted on inviting) cousin  decides he wants to spray champagne all over the
wedding photographer’s equipment for a joke.

5. Web site: In this day and age, a photographer has to market himself with a very high-tech, professional Web
site, which can cost a lot to design and maintain if the photographer doesn’t have web design skills. Its not
unreasonable to spend over 1-2 lakhs a year on website updates, and online marketing such as the sponsored links on
Google and your very own Facebook.

6. Photo Albums and Designing: If you knew how much albums cost you’d have a heart attack. Albums are extraordinarily expensive
and are often added into the wedding photography prices. Don’t forget the time it takes to design them as well.

7. Education:The more educated a photographer is, the better techniques and specializations will be used while
shooting a wedding. As everything else, that education comes at a cost through instructors, extra
classes and seminars, etc. Intangibles such as expertise aren’t easy to measure monetarily, although we try!

Now let’s consider the longevity of other expensive services. The alcohol, food, and cake get flushed down the drain (quite
literally). The venue and accommodations will serve as faint backdrops to your memories. The flowers and
decorations will be tossed away. The DJ will be a ringing in your ears the following morning. Your makeup will
be washed away and the hair slept on. Your wedding dress will remain, but there will never again be a practical
occasion to wear it.

Of all these expenses, the photographs hold the most utility. Their value increases with time, having an inverse relationship to your recollection of the day.

Therefore,I urge you when planning your wedding to take photography into account right from the start and hire a
professional. Remember, a good wedding photographer will also be a wedding planner, a friend and a guest on your big day. A good photographer will be the best investment on your wedding day.

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