7 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You to Know

Imagine it’s 25 years from now, when you will be sitting in your bedroom with your life partner, watching some daily soap on tv, and as you lean into your life partner’s shoulder you say,”remember how good the dessert was at our wedding?”

Let’s be Honest, 25 years from now, you probably won’t give a damn about what you ate that day. And when this happens,you won’t go to a local restaurant to re-live your wedding dinner…you’ll reach for the photo album.

Your wedding photos are something you will hold dear for decades to come. If your house is burning down, chances are good that photo album is one of the few things you will grab at a moment’s notice before dashing to safety.

Great wedding photographers know this. They take their jobs  seriously, and want to make sure you get the best possible pictures of your special day. So I asked myself and some fellow  wedding photographers, and put together a list of all those things we(Indian Wedding Photographers) really want you to know.

1. Pick the right photographer and give him freedom.

The worst thing you can do is hire a photographer to shoot like someone else. It will never work out. It’s ok to show him or her what images appeal to you, and to give him some examples, but micro-managing a photographer’s post-processing and/or giving him a long list of images you want taken is a bad idea.

A photographer needs freedom to be creative, to shoot what he sees in front of him. All couples, all locations, all moments are different, and it’s the photographer’s task to capture them as they happen, not to manufacture an image from a different place and time, shot by another person. The last thing a wedding shooter needs to be doing is looking through  photos at your wedding to make sure that they’ve ticked off all the items you’ve asked of them, because in the time that it takes sweating those details, they’ve missed what’s actually happening in front of them.

Choose well, give them creative freedom, and then trust them.

Indian Wedding Photographer

2. Good photos take time.

Good photos rarely happen in 10 minutes, so allocate a reasonable amount of time to get them. Some venues have great locations very close by, but often there are places down the road or across town that can help make your wedding photos even more special.

This time doesn’t have to be a trial. Think of it as a break from guests and family, and enjoy it.

3. Get ready somewhere quiet and nice, and try to keep it clean.

Prep time can be stressful, and it can be doubly stressful when you’re being crowded by a lot of (I’m sure important) people. Try to cut the crowd down, so you can relax a bit, and so that your makeup artist and photographer can do their work. Also, be aware of all that food and water bottles laying around the place – it’s not always easy to photoshop them out after the fact.

Delhi Wedding Photographer

4. Posing does have its place.

When it comes to more formal shots, allow the photographer to set up the shot. They have experience doing this and know what is going to look great. This should take a lot of pressure off you because you won’t be standing there trying to figure out how to stand, sit, etc. I get the whole “Candid Photography ” thing, however posing will always have a very important place in Indian Wedding Photography.

5. Light is Everything.

Light can make or break your wedding photos, so it’s important to try to plan your wedding to give your photographer the good stuff. While choosing the venue for your wedding always check the light. Some venues have very dim light which might appeal to you and some venues have all those disco lights(trust me they are bad for Wedding Photography).

We (Wedding Photographers) will light you in the best possible way however we can not light up the entire venue.

6. Give yourself some time alone on the dance-floor.

Make sure you allow yourself a bit of time alone together on the dance-floor. Savor it. It’s a minute or two that you should enjoy, alone, and it makes for some beautiful photos. If your guests take over the dance floor too early, you may miss out on that one magic image that could be a treasure to you for the rest of your life.

7. Enjoy your day – your photos depend on it.

Indian Weddings are stressful, and some brides have planned for their big day their whole lives. But when the day arrives, don’t sweat the details. Things will go wrong – they always do. Your task now is not to stress over minute details, but to enjoy the day as it unfolds.

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Be happy. Smile. Slow things down and enjoy all the moments. But mostly, enjoy the company of your new husband/wife. This is the first day of the rest of your life.

Happiness = radiance = beautiful wedding photos.

I hope you liked it.


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